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Goa is a leading live music wedding bands in Goa and perform for Dances,  Rock concerts, conferences, stage shows, Orchestra, Trance & Jazz in Goa.Cascades believes in playing music straight from the heart and do not sequence any of their music.All songs  rendered are performed absolutely Live.

Portrait of cascades band at one of the events in GoaThe Oldest Goan Band Ever!

Cascades is a goan band that has been providing music to Goa since 1984. Mr.Tony Dias and Late Fr.Archie set out to go ballistic in their quest to pull off the incredible on the music ambit.Their very alliance to script a new bolero saw the rise of CASCADES which initially included maestros of the likes of Abel,  late Julius, Michael,  Tony and Stella.

And almost two decades later, the band is still going strong in cracking the circuit with its gushing jamboree!Indeed, we musicians have been ingeniously on course in blazing the trail.In fact, their tale has a whiff of legacy about it. Right from Stella, who is now mesmerizing the capital city of Delhi, to Queenie D’ Souza,  Irene Rocha, Divina and Natasha Abreu, these elegant damsels were all once a part of the contingent ,which further bolstered the band’s credibility in the music fraternity. And what with the late Ringo who enhanced the crew’s gutsy show by several notches with his mind-blowing guitar pyrotechniques and prodigious singing.


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We provide Music for both Young as well as the Old, Music from late 60s to 90s….Right from Ballroom, Rock, Pop, Jazz, Reggae, Trance, Hip hop, to Retro. Singing English, Konkani, Portuguese and Bollywood songs.The Cascades Band have performed for many Weddings, Orchestra, Anniversaries,  Birthdays, Parties, Dances, Conferences, Outdoor Shows at Dubai,  Bangkok-Pattaya, Delhi, Banglore, Manglore, Bombay and more…having a wealth of on stage performances under our belt for over 28 years.Regarded as the best konkani band Group in Goa , Cascades has kept the Goan traditional crowd entertained for years to come.


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Cascades also love playing Jazz music in Goa.We are listed as the best local bands in Goa for all occasions from weddings to orchestra’s for a rock, jazz and live music experience in Goa and are the top music bands in goa ever recommended by Goans.

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Cascades Band Goa on Herald -Local Daily
Cascades Band Goa at IFFI(International Film Festival India) corporate event in 2009
Live  at the Republic Day Parade in India by Cascades Band Goa

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